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WinX DVD Copy 6.6

WinX DVD Copy is a DVD Movie duplication tool for Windows

WinX DVD Copy is a DVD Movie duplication tool for Windows. It can duplicate a DVD movie by burning a perfect copy or by ripping its contents to your computer.
The first mode allows you to copy a movie and burn it at the same time. There are three different options for this mode. The first one creates a perfect copy of your DVD movie. Every title, chapter and audio track is copied, as well as additional titles and scenes. In other words, you create a perfect clone of the original disc, also known as a 1:1 copy. The second option only copies the main movie content. In all DVDs there's a file that is longer than the others, and it is generally the main movie. The third option splits the movie into two parts. This is useful for those who want to split a DVD9 disc into two DVD5 discs. The first two options can compress the content for it to fit on a DVD5 disc, or alternatively strip content from it to make room.

The second copying mode only copies the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVD to a location on your hard drive. This is by far the quickest way to copy a movie to the hard drive. Later on, you can either play the video straight form the folder or convert it to more manageable formats, with a separate tool.

Graphically, the application is not easy on the eye, per se. It remains functional, however.

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  • Supports direct burning and ripping to Video_TS folder


  • Few options
  • Ugly interface
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